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Harry and Meghan: this slightly scary warning about their Montecito villa

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry don’t really have to sleep soundly anymore. Indeed, as reported in the Mirror, the couple have been warned that a bear has been seen prowling near their California home. Since July 2020, with their son Archie, the lovers have put their suitcases in a sumptuous residence in Montercito, in Santa Barbara. If it is located away from paparazzi and prying eyes, it is not, on the other hand, protected from animals considered to be very dangerous for humans. “CCTV images show the wild animal prowling around the homes of neighbors and allegedly attacked chickens and searched in garbage cans,” said the tabloid.

With global warming, many experts have explained that bears can move closer to homes in order to find food they no longer have in their usual environment. However, we should not come face to face with this animal which can reach seven feet in height and weigh 550 pounds. This is not the first time the beast has been spotted roaming the area where the Sussexes live. Shortly after their installation, the bear was reportedly seen wandering very close to the property of Oprah Winfrey, neighbor of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. A few months later, it therefore seems to be back. The Montecito Association sent an email to the owners warning them, “The bear probably lives in Ranchos San Carlos, which was recently sold. There may be new activity on the ranch that is disturbing the bear and causing it. leave this place to go to the streets. “

The Sussexes have been warned and will be careful

While it is good to remember that bear attacks on humans in the United States are very rare, the Sussexes are going to have to be very careful while the animal is roaming around their home.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry © © Mega / KCS

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