He does not give them any gifts. This Saturday, September 25, the British tabloid The Daily Mail reports that Prince Charles has launched his own television channel devoted to climate change, called RE: TV. All within the framework of a contract signed with Amazon, a direct competitor of Netflix. An agreement that can be interpreted as a real affront to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry since they themselves signed a juicy contract with Netflix. Are the crowned heads ready to confront each other through the media? Everything suggests it, especially because of the tensions that remain between the Sussexes and the Windsors.

Green committed for several decades, the Prince of Wales has made his commitment an asset by signing this contract with Amazon. This agreement is in line with the climate commitment made by the streaming giant in 2019. According to it, the platform has the firm intention of achieving the objectives of the Paris climate agreement. A cause which can only create a united alliance with Prince Charles. The eldest son of Her Majesty Elizabeth II thus becomes one of the main rivals of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry who, for their part, signed two lucrative contracts with Netflix, but also Spotify, in 2020.

Prince Charles, a future revolutionary monarch?

It remains to be seen whether the Duke of Cornwall signed this contract with the aim of giving his youngest son a hard time or with the simple but firm intention of modernizing the Crown. Because, it’s no secret, if he still has to wait before acceding to the throne of England, Prince Charles is determined to tip the monarchy into the 21st century with, in particular, a smaller circle of representatives. of the royal family and a more pronounced freedom of speech than that of Her Majesty Elizabeth II.

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