Since December 8, 2022, the documentary on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has been making noise on Netflix. The lovers confide as they very rarely do about their past life when they had not yet renounced their royal obligations. For now, members of the royal family are very rare to have come out of silence regarding the film. Moreover, King Charles III has no intention of doing so. This is in any case what assured Jennie Bond, a 72-year-old royal journalist. He explained that the palace will remain silent until there is an attack on the queen consort. So far, his wife Camilla has escaped all criticism from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

However, not all episodes of the series have aired yet. Indeed, the last three, out of the six, are scheduled for Thursday, December 15, 2022. And the revelations are already announced as explosive. “The three words that come to mind when considering how the Royal Family must be feeling in the lead up to the release of the next three episodes are desperate, appalled and disappointed. They will be hurt and pained. Charles must be upset that this continues again and again”, thus launched the royal expert.

Charles III does not wish to respond to the attacks present in the Netlfix film

“Charles is really unlikely to respond to the Harry and Meghan documentary unless there is a direct hit on Camilla,” she continued. “He and his staff are well aware that if you comment on a story, it gives him legs. The best way to shut him down is silence. And Charles probably thinks he’s more gracious and dignified to respond, if he does. wants, in private.” The journalist seems to be angry with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who constantly complain in the documentary. According to her, it is a lack of respect for all people who are in need.

“They live in a California mansion with two gorgeous kids and a fantastic lifestyle while the rest of us wonder if we can turn on a heater. Why can’t they just go away and have some fun? “, she continued. “It’s totally forgiving and awfully timed when people have to choose between heating or eating in the middle of winter. And they unleash six hours of moaning. They come out publicly as advocates for healing when they don’t only hurt people. There’s nothing curative about that. And judging by the trailers, it’s only going to get worse,” she said unapologetically. There is no doubt that the series on the couple is likely to still cause a lot of ink to flow.

Harry and Meghan (Netflix): this one and only reason that could bring Charles III out of silence

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