A mystery solved. This Thursday, December 15, the last three episodes of the documentary series Harry and Meghan landed on Netflix. After rather disappointing first episodes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex returned with more explosive revelations against the media but also against the royal family. However, this did not prevent the release of some lighter and more touching sequences. This is particularly the case with certain unpublished images of Lilibet, captured just after her birth in June 2021. In a video, we thus discover the little girl, only a few hours old, snuggled up against her dad while her mom films. “There was this feeling of completeness when Lilibet arrived,” says Meghan Markle, before adding: “Everyone was very respectful of what we had been through, and the fact that, like all parents, we deserved to welcome our child in peace, to have these family moments to pamper her and take care of us.”

Prince Harry has also agreed to deliver tender secrets about his two children. “I see a lot of my wife in Archie”, assures the prince. And to compare her daughter to another person dear to her heart: “And I see a lot of my mother in Lili. She looks like a Spencer. She has their blue eyes. A video then shows the first steps of Lilibet. The one-year-old girl wanders haphazardly through her parents’ backyard in California as Meghan Markle gingerly holds her hands. And during the broadcast of the documentary, we learned important information about Lilibet.

Who is Lilibet’s godfather?

Unconditional support of Meghan and Harry, the American director and actor Tyler Perry has agreed to intervene in the documentary series to deliver some secrets about his friends. And last also took the opportunity to reveal that he had been designated to be the godfather of the couple’s daughter. “They were very serious on the phone and they said to me, ‘we would like you to be Lilbet’s godfather. I had to take the time to assimilate the information. Then I said to them, ‘I would be honoured. I would be absolutely honored'”, reported Tyler Perry, very touched by this beautiful proof of friendship. It must be said that the 53-year-old actor had been very attentive to Harry and Meghan, even though they had never met.

Indeed, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had just retired from the royal family to go into exile across the Atlantic, and they were going through a difficult period, Tyler Perry would have contacted Archie’s mother. and from Lilibet to let her know that he was praying for her and that she could call him if she ever needed support or advice. What Meghan Markle did when the situation became critical for their family. Tyler Perry then offered one of his secure homes located in Beverly Hills to the couple, allowing them to settle in Southern California.

Harry and Meghan (Netflix): the name of the famous godfather of Lilibet finally revealed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle © Backgrid UK

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