An explosive letter. In 2018, shortly after her marriage to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle sent a missive to her father asking him to stop pouring out and lying to the media about their broken relationship. A letter then published by the Mail on Sunday and the MailOnline. The American actress then decided to sue Associated Newspaper, the publishing company of the Daily Mail, for invasion of privacy. A trial that lasted several years but was finally won by Meghan Markle in December 2021. British justice had in fact won the Duchess of Sussex’s case by rejecting the newspaper publisher’s appeal against a decision rendered 10 months earlier. , who deemed the publication of the letter illegal. Associated Newspaper had finally agreed to pay Prince Harry’s wife a pound sterling in damages for misuse of private information, as well as a sum, the amount of which has remained confidential, for copyright infringement.

At the time of the case, however, lawyers for the publishing company assured that Meghan Markle had knowingly caused the letter to leak to the media, as ITV News reporter Chris Ship recalled in episode 6 of the documentary series Meghan and Harry on Netflix. “The Mail on Sunday’s main argument in the whole affair was that this letter was not private because she shared a draft of it with her former press officer, and exchanged written messages with him. And in these messages, Meghan says: ‘I obviously wrote knowing that there was a risk of disclosure'”, explains the journalist. And this press officer, named Jason Knauf, who has now become one of the members of the cabinet of … prince William.

Prince Harry: ‘It’s disgusting that they try to hide it’

“It is impossible that he did this without the approval of his employers”, assures, in the documentary, the lawyer of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, while they are all discussing the subject in the kitchen. A sequence during which Meghan Markle appears particularly exasperated. “He’s your brother. I’m not going to say anything about your brother. But it’s obvious”, she says to her husband, believing that the Prince of Wales could have encouraged the former press secretary to come forward . Words that Prince Harry quickly acquiesces. “It’s disgusting that they try to hide it. (…) That’s why I live abroad. Because all the communication teams try to compete with each other, but it is the contract, the symbiotic relationship between the two institutions which try to work as best as they can”, thus answers the duke of Sussex, thus referring to the royal family and the British media. At the end of the documentary, we discover a legal notice on which it is indicated that Jason Knauf disputes the statements of the Sussexes, and maintains that he remained “neutral in this process”.

Harry and Meghan (Netflix): "It's... It's your brother", this twist that made Meghan furious

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