The documentary Harry & Meghan never ceases to unleash the crowds. And for good reason, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who cut ties with the Crown in 2020, are settling their accounts there with the royal family as well as with the media. Explosive revelations, immersion in the intimacy of the couple, emotional sequences… All the ingredients are there to guarantee the interest of the public. Fortunately, not all passages of the documentary are tinged with drama, and certain sequences, lighter, take the viewer to moments of sweetness. This is particularly the case with certain unpublished images of Lilibet, captured just after her birth in June 2021. A video shows in particular the little one, only a few hours old, snuggled up against her dad while her mom films. “There was this feeling of completeness when Lilibet arrived,” says Meghan Markle. “Everyone was very respectful of what we had been through, and the fact that, like all parents, we deserved to welcome our child in peace. To have these moments as a family to pamper and take care of her. from U.S.”

Princess Lilibet Diana of Sussex ✨

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Prince Harry: “I see a lot of my mother in Lili”

A tender retrospective following which Meghan and Harry delivered on their two children. “I see a lot of my wife in Archie,” the prince confided before adding: “And I see a lot of my mother in Lili. She looks like a Spencer. She has their blue eyes. ” A video then gives a glimpse of Lilibet’s first steps. The one-year-old girl wanders haphazardly through her parents’ garden in California, while Meghan Markle carefully holds her hands. The sequence continues with a multitude of videos of the children, sometimes showing Lilibet who celebrates her first birthday, or Archie who runs on a beach losing his pants. Innocent moments that illustrate the newfound happiness of the little family, on the other side of the Atlantic!

Harry and Meghan (Netflix): adorable images of Lilibet just after her birth unveiled

Meghan and Harry with Lilibet © Backgrid UK

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