The information may surprise many of those close to the British crown: Harry and Meghan will be invited to the coronation of Charles III next May, despite their recriminations against the royal family in their documentary currently in progress. streaming course on Netflix. The Mirror reports that the successor of Elizabeth II would have sent them the invitation in person. A real twist as the platform posted three very unflattering additional episodes for Charles III and his son William. The Duke of Sussex claims his brother yelled at him at a family gathering about Harry and Meghan’s future at Buckingham, while his father whispered lies into the late Queen of England’s ears. The monarch does not, however, intend to turn his back on his youngest son, nor to let the slightest incident taint the ceremony of his coronation. “Harry is his son and His Majesty will always love him, says a source close to power in the columns of the Daily Mail. If the situation is complicated at the moment, the door will always be open.”

Could the publication of Harry’s memoirs in January force the King to reconsider his decision? The hypothesis is unlikely according to another anonymous source, although it would be “completely hypocritical” for the Sussexes to attend the coronation after their repeated attacks on the crown in recent months full of twists. Another knowledgeable person adds: “I know there have been conversations about their participation in the coronation and while there will be hurdles until then, I don’t see Her Majesty changing her mind. ” In the Netflix series, Harry does not cease to evoke a freezing of relations with his family. “How did we get here?” asks, annoyed, the son of Charles III from the first minutes of the documentary. A sequence of his life during which he repeats having to “protect [his] family” from the malevolence and racism of the royal family of England. This great public unpacking should not help things on the side of Buckingham Palace where we prefer to stand behind Kate Middleton, accused by Meghan Markle of jealousy!

This Buckingham Palace personality spared by Harry and Meghan

If they openly (and sharply) attack Charles III, William and Kate, Harry and Meghan seem to want to spare the queen consort at all costs. “It seems unlikely that Charles III will react publicly to the Harry and Meghan documentary, unless they directly target Camilla”, analyzed Jennie Bond, specialist in the British crown in the columns of The Mirror this Friday, December 15. A red line not to be crossed, under penalty of knocking Charles III off its hinges. The king prefers for the time being to devote his time to the preparation of the Christmas concert dedicated this year to his mother, who died on September 8th. No question, therefore, for the time being of retorting to Harry and Meghan. William’s brother could, however, cross the Rubicon when his memoirs are published on January 10, indulging in a critical live of Camilla, a priori closer to Meghan when we know that she had invited her to lunch for teach him the workings of “La Firme”. All these cases do not help the popularity of the Sussexes either. A YouGov poll of 4,026 people reveals that 14% of Britons have a much more negative opinion of the couple since the first three episodes of their documentary series aired.

Harry and Meghan: despite their Netflix documentary, the couple will be well invited for the coronation of Charles III

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