Harrison Ford injured on the set of Indiana Jones 5: is the actor in serious condition?

He very often wants to do his stunts himself, this time it did not happen. Harrison Ford, 79, was injured during an action scene on the set of Indiana Jones 5. A production spokesperson announced in a statement to AFP: ” During a fight scene rehearsal, Harrison Ford injured his shoulder. Production will continue while the appropriate treatment is assessed, and the filming schedule will be reconfigured if necessary in the coming weeks. ” .

It is difficult for the moment to know more about the duration of the unavailability of Harrison Ford. But we understand, between the lines, that the shooting will not stop for all that. It must be said that with the coronavirus pandemic, the production of the fifth and final episode of the adventures of Indiana Jones has already been postponed several times. After many adventures, filming began in May 2021 in the United Kingdom under the direction of director James Mangold, Steven Spielberg having given up directing.

He’s already injured on the set of Star Wars

This is not the first time that Harrison Ford has been injured on set. He had already broken his leg in 2014 during the filming of The Force Awakens, an episode of the Star Wars saga. At that time, he had been struck and crushed by the hydraulic door of the “Millennium Falcon”, the spaceship of his character Han Solo. Harrison Ford also injured his back on the set of Indiana Jones and Time Cursed in 1983. To believe that it did not stop him from wanting to do his stunts himself.

Harrison Ford © Zuma Press

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