An improbable story. New Hampshire Police appealed for help on Monday, January 3. This one was published by the People media. “Help us find this little girl. Anyone knows something, do the right thing and call us,” it read. The missing person in question? Harmony, now seven years old. However, the little girl has actually been missing since 2019 but her strange disappearance was only reported last week. An initiative that prompts us to ask ourselves many questions. “The circumstances surrounding this prolonged absence are very worrying,” the police said in a statement. So what happened to Harmony? And above all, why did no one report his disappearance much earlier? His uncle opened up, saying that “all of this does not make sense. If a crime has been committed, someone has to know about it.” Thus, in order to collect the slightest clue, the police announced the opening of a “dedicated telephone line as well as a reward of 12,500 dollars for any information allowing the investigation to be resolved”, we can read. Will they be able to shed light on this strange disappearance?

Important research. Since the report of this mysterious disappearance, the New Hampshire police officers have begun a lengthy investigation. They first searched a property on Guilford Street in Manchester but Allen Aldenberg, the police chief, told Union Leader that the people who currently occupy the property are not involved in the case. For her part, a former neighbor of Harmony’s father confided in the columns of Boston25. She did not hesitate to stand up for him. “It’s shocking and sad, especially when you know the people involved. It’s crazy. I know everyone wants to portray him as if he hurt him or something, but he’s unable to. that’s a really good guy, “she said at first. “I saw him here with other children. He used to talk about his daughter. You could see how sincere he was. He told us that the mother who lived with the grandmother had come. one day take it and never returned it, “she continued. But what happened to Harmony? Is the little girl still alive?

Harmony disappearance: when was she last seen?

According to investigators’ information, it was in October 2019 that Harmony was last seen alive. Subsequently, Allen Aldenberg said he spoke with relatives of the little girl, without specifying which ones and he also did not wish to give details about the people with whom she was supposed to be on the day of her disappearance. Today, a long investigation begins. “We have a two-year window to study and we are trying to do it as quickly as humanly possible,” he said before asking Internet users not to “play sleuth, it’s our job, ”he concluded.

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