Nothing is going well for Amber Heard who has a string of hard knocks. On June 1, the actress was found guilty in the defamation lawsuit brought by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, whom she accuses of domestic violence. The jury thus condemned her to pay 10 million dollars to the one who would have made her live through hell. Except that it is not thanks to her roles that she will be able to compensate the star of Pirates of the Caribbean. And for good reason, she will have to give up on the role that exposed her to the big day: Mera in Aquaman.

“Amber Heard will be cut from editing Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom aka Aquaman 2 and Mera, the role she played should be redistributed to another,” a source told American media Just Jared. It must be said that since this highly publicized trial, Amber Heard has not had public opinion on his side. Around the world, Johnny Depp fans have mobilized to discredit the 36-year-old actress. A veritable outpouring of hatred which also led to the creation of a petition on the site asking that it be cut from the editing of Aquaman 2 by Warner Bros and DC. Petition which has collected nearly 4.5 million signatures.

Despite everything, Amber Heard maintains her accusations

“Honestly, I don’t think we’re going to react to pure fan pressure,” said producer Peter Safran in 2021. And to outbid: “We have to do what is best for the film. We felt that if there was James Wan and Jason Momoa, there had to be Amber Heard”. Obviously, the pressure will have been stronger than his desire to do what is best for this franchise. Which does not prevent Amber Heard from staying straight in her boots. For the first time since the end of the trial, she spoke in an interview with NBC in which she maintains her accusations. “Until my death, I will maintain every word of my testimony,” she said in an excerpt released on Tuesday, June 14. And if she recognizes that with Johnny Depp, they formed a “very toxic” couple and had made “a lot of mistakes”, she insisted on having “always told the truth” about the abuse she suffered . Words that could earn him a new defamation lawsuit …

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