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Hair: Rihanna, back on her most beautiful hairstyles

Side hair, shaved or braided, perfectly drawn curls or perfect straightening, Rihanna plays with her hair as with her vocal cords. She tries her hand at all styles and does not hesitate to vary hair pleasures and head changes. Focus on 10 hairstyles (to adopt because they are totally portable) from the beautiful designer of the Fenty Beauty make-up line (and now care: Fenty Skin).

Tight curls, fine braids, more or less worked buns, Rihanna sets the tone in terms of hairstyles. If we love free hair with pretty curls or a perfectly mastered wavy, we also love it with a more or less sophisticated bun. Raised with a perfectly smooth and ultra-shiny bandeau lock, a dancer’s bun with bangs, so chic but relaxed, or even a perfectly “imperfect” tie sublimated by two locks beautifully framing her face, RiRi easily flirts with all styles.

Maintenance side …

She dared the extreme colors like red or purple, all the cuts from the shortest to the most extreme lengths … and made it rain and shine in the world of fashion and beauty. It all has a blow to the hair: very busy, her hair requires time and very, very moisturizing care. Oil baths, overpowering masks … everything is good for reboosting the hair fiber of Afro hair and putting it under cover (or here, rather under “Umbrella”). For her part, the beautiful Rihanna would love olive oil (quite simply) to intensely nourish and repair her lengths. A good plan indeed (and natural), which sublimates all the hair fibers. To adopt also, coconut oil or shea of ​​course. On the other hand, we should avoid ultra-aggressive straightening and too tight weaving … which seriously damage the hair.

Rihanna: back on her most beautiful hairstyles © DR

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