Hailey Baldwin: what pathology does Justin Bieber’s wife suffer from?

Hailey Bieber, formerly Baldwin, doesn’t want to hide anything from her fans. For example, the 24-year-old model told her Instagram community that she suffered from a skin disease called perioral dermatitis. This, which mainly affects women aged 20 to 40 with fairly dry skin, manifests on the face as rashes. Monday, December 7, she decided to break the taboo in order to “be completely transparent about her skin”. She therefore unveiled a photo of her affected face. “It’s the 3rd day so it has rather calmed down”, explained the young woman in the caption of the cliché, unveiled in her “story”.

This pathology appeared now “a few years” in Hailey Bieber. As Justin Bieber’s wife explains, it is caused “by several things” and appears most of the time on her cheeks, around her mouth and, sometimes, under her eyes. She said in particular that certain things accentuated these inflammations, such as “the application of a new product, a product that is too strong, time, masks and certain SPFs”.

Hailey Bieber: her tips for fighting perioral dermatitis

Hailey Bieber gave some advice to people with the same disease. “Personally, I go for gentle, anti-inflammatory products that will soothe my skin and prevent perioral dermatitis,” she wrote. Laundry is also a trigger for illness, which is why she now uses organic products. Then she said that she had seen a healthcare professional after trying to cure herself for a long time. The best solution because, she says, “self-diagnosis is no!”. Actor Stephen Baldwin’s daughter appears to be adept at skin problems as she helped her husband fight acne.

Hailey Bieber © Agency

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