Hailey Baldwin: this harmful consequence of her marriage to Justin Bieber

In September 2020, Hailey Baldwin left Twitter. In a video shared on her YouTube channel, the 24-year-old model explained that she no longer uses the app due to constant negativity from other users. Speaking to psychologist Jessica Clemons, Hailey Baldwin explained that marrying Justin Bieber in September 2018 had really led to a new kind of attention. “I think one of the biggest things I struggled with for sure was the comparison aspect (…) I think when you go through a situation where you just have so many people who you harass with the same thing over and over and over again, it starts to mess your mind and then you start questioning everything and you’re like, ‘Is there something that I don’t see that they see? ‘”, asked the star.

Being scrutinized on social media hurt her so much that Hailey Baldwin began to question her own sanity. She explained, “I don’t even have a Twitter account anymore because there was never really a time I went there without feeling like it was a very toxic environment. The whole idea of ​​d ‘opening the app worried me so much that I felt like I was going to throw up. ” Wishing for a healthier relationship with social media, Kendall’s best friend Jenner added that she only goes to Instagram on weekends. She revealed, “I want everyone to like me, it’s not healthy and I’m working on it. I think one thing I had to come up with was to try not to feel like I was to owe everyone an explanation or owe anyone anything, and just try to correct what I personally need to correct behind closed doors. ” Thanking her husband, the pretty blonde added: “I really have to give him credit because he’s been doing this for a really long time at such a huge level.”

Justin Bieber’s rant

Last December, Justin Bieber defended his wife on Instagram after the latter was attacked online. He said: “I just wanted to share this so that people get a sense of what we face on a daily basis. It’s extremely difficult to keep a cool head when I see people like that trying to bring together people. world to harass the person I love most in the world. It’s not fair. ” Following this post, Hailey Baldwin added: “Never in a million years would I wish anyone to be treated this way and I will never tolerate this kind of hateful behavior. I just want to support, uplift and encourage people to behave like this. other women in this industry and wish them nothing but love and success and I wish all of my fans and subscribers the same. “

Hailey Baldwin © OLIVIER BORDE

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