Stupor and tremors while viewing the images of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” of September 13: no one was able to recognize Gwen Stefani, yet indeed seated in front of the star host. Nothing on her face seemed to indicate that it was indeed the singer of No Doubt, Rich Girl, or Light My Fire. But what happened?

“Wait, but who is this person?” bewildered fans ask

It wasn’t the reason for her coming on the set of Seth Meyers, but Gwen Stefani stunned viewers with an appearance that was disconcerting, even mind-blowing, to say the least. At 52, newly married to country singer Blake Shelton and mother of three, Gwen Stefani had so far stood out from her colleagues by keeping her quirky, colorful and even slightly retro look. And suddenly, her appearance sounded like a real miss: no one can say that she is the pop rock singer with 30 years of career. It is obviously the year 2022 that marked a turning point in her appearance, undoubtedly linked to a few cosmetic surgery operations… too many.

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If Seth Meyers did not look upset, Internet users and viewers, and especially the singer’s fans, were not mistaken. “We have to stop with the surgery”, “Wait but… who is this person?”, “Is it Gwen?? We don’t recognize her”, “I’m sorry to say it but I barely have it recognized. Gwen you have to stop” could we read in comments of his passage on the Instagram account of the program. Much more, throughout the show, the critics have rocketed, which would surely have happened to the coach of The Voice Us…

“What happened to his face?”

The comments were also more sorry than gratuitous: some fans even begging her to stop, to wonder what the hell she had been doing in this mess, “what happened to her face?” the vast majority wondered. On her Instagram account, followed by 14.5 million followers, the American star regularly shares her life and her successes with her community, totally devoted to the singer, who has not been unworthy for the past three decades, and whose career debuted with the unforgettable 90s hit “Don’t Speak” as part of the band “No Doubt”. Under one of the photos relating to her appearance on the Seth Meyers show, the star thanked the make-up artist who made her “feel like a princess” for the show.

While some fans expressed their admiration, others made it clear to her that she was no longer the same. “Please keep looking like Gwen, not a Kardashian.” , “You are beautiful, but stop with the cosmetic operations”, “You are already beautiful, please do not change anything on your face.” they begged her. Invited to talk about her fourth participation in The Voice US alongside Camilla Cabello, John Legend and her husband, Blake Shelton, the superstar has therefore been talked about more for her look than for her news. However, on her last photos published on Instagram since, that the fans are reassured, Gwen Stefani has apparently found her initial appearance. Either the make-up artist has a real talent, or the singer likes to play with the nerves of her audience…

Gwen Stefani unrecognizable: this last appearance totally disconcerting

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