An incredible transformation! Overweight for many years, Guy Carlier now appears transformed. While he has lost more than 150 kilos, and now weighs 96 kilos when he was 251, it is in an interview with the Parisian that the columnist confided: “I was operated, Jean-Michel Cohen (the nutritionist) took me in hand … Talking about it on stage is putting people at ease. We have all our problems, all our dark sides (his, he calls him Carl in the show, in opposition to the nice Guitou). We hide them, we are ashamed of them. For years, with bulimia, I destroyed myself by telling myself that I was not a good guy. What I say in the show is that we are all the same, everyone has that. The main thing is to fire your Carls. Me, I consider that the 150 kilos that I lost, it is Carl’s part that I dumped. I haven’t become perfect. But when you have little left, you can’t waste time despising yourself. “

Evoking the trigger for his transformation, Guy Carlier explained: “It is love, the meeting with the woman of my life. I have been tormented all my life, there, I am serene.” Assuring that his son, Raphaël Carlier, alias Carlito, had suffered from his bulimia, it is in all transparency that the columnist unveiled: “He knew me at the worst time in terms of bulimia. When it’s like that, you no longer have a family life, your wife catches you stealing filthy things from the fridge at night. I inflicted that on Raphy, I know he’s mad at me. He wrote a book in which he says it’s hard to live with someone who destroys himself. I hope we can talk about it. ” In May 2019, it is with pride that the star confided in Télé Star. “It’s been a long time since I have had a bulimia attack. I made a psychological and surgical path: a bypass, a sleeve and necessary cosmetic surgery operations. When you lose so much weight, you have a lot of skin hanging down. They put my knees in titanium because I no longer had any cartilage, “he revealed.

Guy Carlier is grateful to Jean-Michel Cohen

While he has known the worst, the columnist had unveiled: “When my companion at the time returned and found me on the floor covered in spaghetti without me being able to get up … It was humiliation too many for her. For me, it was the trigger for me to phone Jean-Michel Cohen. He had me locked up for nine months in a clinic where addictions are treated. He saved my life. . ” For his part, Jean-Michel Cohen had confided in the columns of Télé Star: “He was in danger of death. Guy can be proud of his career. He lost half of his weight. He was part of the Top 5 men. over 50 years the biggest in France. He was in danger of death and did not realize it. At the slightest infection, he would be dead. He was inoperable. His ankles could explode under the weight. I am happy. for my friend.”

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