Her wedding ceremony turned tragic. In India, the groom has respected an ancestral tradition by firing a bullet when promulgating his vows. But instead of shooting in the air, he accidentally killed one of his friends. The sequence, filmed by one of the other guests, made the rounds on social networks. “A person serving in the army, identified as Babu Lal Yadav, died after being shot during the celebratory shooting by the groom – Manish Madheshia,” said one of the local police officials.

The tradition is that the groom is given a gun on his wedding day. The husband then raised his gun in the air and fired a few bullets to celebrate his vows. But then he lowered his arm and accidentally fired again in the direction of the crowd. An irremediable mistake.

The groom is currently in custody

The impact was deadly for one of his 35-year-old friends, who was dressed in a white T-shirt before collapsing to the ground. While the man died hours later in hospital, the groom was arrested and charged in connection with his friend’s death. The authorities also seized his pistol in an attempt to make their investigation as close to reality as possible.

The groom accidentally kills his friend © Pexels


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