Kyan Pennell, 12, died on January 31, 2022 after being caught between a trailer and a wall at the family property. After the tragedy, his mother discovered the incredible secret he was hiding.

Kyan Pennell was only 12 years old when he tragically died at the family home. His family was heartbroken. But in their desperation, the boy’s parents discovered an incredible secret. As the Mirror reports, Kyan had a real passion for classical music. So much so that he was teaching himself… and he had started to write his own composition without his parents knowing. His mother, Amanda, discovered unfinished music in one of Kyan’s notebooks.

Kyan, 12, secret music composer

Amanda Pennell has therefore appealed for musicians to bring her beloved son’s composition to life at his funeral. “I never heard what he was composing. Is there anyone who can read the music, play it and send us the recording?”, she wrote on Facebook. “He would have been so thrilled to have wonderful people playing his music.” Kyan dreamed of being a concert pianist. He also spent most of his free time behind the piano he had bought himself with his savings. “The piano was his calling. He taught himself theory, performance and composition,” Amanda points out.

Since her social media post, Kyan’s mother has received several hundred replies and registrations. According to ABC, the young boy’s song will also be performed and recorded by 16 members of the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, so that it will be completed in time for his funeral.


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