A shocking find. In Australia, a bereaved young mother discovered her dead son’s secret by consulting one of his notebooks. Kyan Pennell, 12, died on January 31 after becoming trapped between a caravan and a wall at his home in Tuchekoi, Queensland. A few days after his death, while consulting her son’s last writings, Amanda Brierley was surprised to discover the draft of a musical composition. Passionate about classical music, the little boy with Asperger’s syndrome had started learning the piano seven months earlier.

“I found this. Kyan was composing his own classical music score (I could be wrong, but I think he said ‘modern classical’) and I never heard his composition, wrote the young mother in a Facebook post, before appealing to the musical talent of Internet users. Can someone read it, play it and send it to us? If I remember correctly, he told me about parts that were repeated, where the tempo was changing, but he didn’t write all that. It would be wonderful for us to hear his composition. It’s only the introduction, it’s not finished, he was starting the main part and intended to write the ending but didn’t have time. He imagined that the composition would be played by wind and string instruments, and of course his beloved piano.”

“He told me one day that many people had to die to become famous”

Asked by Yahoo News Australia, the bereaved mother explained that she named the composition Corvus, Etude #1, in C minor in homage to Kyan. “He loved Latin words. Corvus means ‘raven’, which is what he hoped to reincarnate into, and ‘Cor’ means ‘Heart’, and he had plenty of those.”

Following her Facebook post, Amanda Brierley received “several wonderful versions” of her son’s composition, one of which was performed at his funeral on Sunday, February 13. She now encourages Internet users to continue their efforts, so that Kyan’s music makes as much noise as possible. “If you can get his music played by the hands of others, please do so. Share his score as much as possible, all over the world. Share your videos so we can pay tribute to Kyan and bring his music to life with the help of all the musicians. He would have loved to see all these people playing his score. If he had known that he was composing the music for his funeral… He told me once said that a lot of people had to die to become famous, well my beautiful boy, here we are.”, she concluded.

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