He was loved for his charisma, his voice and his kindness. On April 30, 2007, when he died, Grégory Lemarchal left behind many grieving fans. But it was his loved ones and family who suffered the most. Since his death, they have not ceased to fight to advance research in order to fight against the disease which carried off the singer, cystic fibrosis. “Things are progressing, both in terms of patient care and medical research. Since July 2021, a treatment has been marketed”, assured the mother of Grégory Lermarchal, Laurence Lemarchal, in the columns of Télé 7 Days, Monday May 2, 2022.

If his family makes every effort to help the sick, it is because it was Grégroy Lemarchal who had this dream of eradicating this disease. Before taking his last breath, he had also uttered words that kept ringing in his mother’s head. “We will continue to help the sick, reminding them of the sentence that Greg said before leaving: ‘Above all, tell them never to give up'”. Even if he is no longer there, physically, with his family and loved ones, Grégory Lemarchal is present in their hearts. His thirst and joy of living are an example for many people.

The memory of Grégory Lemarchal lives on

The greatest pride of Grégory Lemarchal’s family is to have succeeded in keeping his memory alive. Through various events and the association that bears his name, the memory of the deceased singer is alive and well.

Laurence and Pierre Lemarchal © CYRIL MOREAU

Lara T.
Lara T.

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