“I was born with my twin brother two months premature. A difficult start to life, since it began with a stay in an incubator for 4 weeks. Then I underwent an operation due to a malformation of a kidney, then I fell into a coma for seven days. It was obviously a very difficult time for my parents. But the day I woke up, my mother remembers that everyone who was present in my room applauded. The doctor told him I was a fighter. He was right!

In 2019, I met the medical staff who saved my life. It was a very strong moment, I owe them everything. They saved my life and allowed me to be the fighter I am today. I am immensely grateful to them.

A symbolic fight

In general, I am very often asked to support different associations, but I must admit that I did not feel legitimate to speak and plead for the defended cause, even if the latter affects me. Then one day, with my team, we discovered the existence of SOS Préma and it all seemed obvious to us, whether for them or for me. And since then, we have made a commitment together to defend the cause of premature babies and their parents. I am really proud to be involved with them since 2019, giving them a message of hope and helping them look to the future.

A call for generosity

On the occasion of World Prematurity Day [November 17], I join forces with SOS Préma and Pampers, historical partner of the association and pioneer of diapers for premature babies, of which I am also the ambassador. We are launching a large chain of solidarity to call for donations in favor of SOS Préma. With this solidarity campaign, we support the “Zero separation” objective supported by SOS Préma, which aims to better integrate parents into the developmental care of their premature baby. I am proud to carry this fight with Pampers in favor of SOS Préma, so that all parents can stay alongside their little fighters in order to instill in them the love and the strength necessary to move forward.

Everyone can participate by making an online donation on the association’s website: https://don.sosprema.com/pampers »

GREAT TESTIMONY My premature birth made me a fighter


Maria T.
Maria T.

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