This is a weekend that will remain etched in the memory of the Bidens. If it marked the 80th anniversary of the American president, who celebrated his birthday this Sunday, it was above all marked by a major event, namely the marriage of Naomi Biden, the daughter of the president’s youngest son, Hunter Biden. The latter, aged 28, married Peter Neal, her companion for 4 years, on the South Lawn of the White House in front of an audience of 250 guests. For the occasion, the gardens had been decorated with a multitude of white roses, placed all over the bushes, which not only matched the bridal arch, but also the sumptuous dress of the bride. Naomi Biden, visibly inspired by Grace Kelly, had set her sights on a piece with a crew-neck lace bodice, elegant and a bit austere. A model signed Ralph Lauren which was reminiscent of the dress designed by the seamstress Helen Rose for the wedding of the American actress in 1956.

The young woman is not the only one to have succumbed to the charm of this model since already, in 2011, Kate Middleton made a nod to the Hollywood icon with her wedding dress signed Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen . By choosing Ralph Lauren to dress her on this very special day, Naomi Biden confirms her enthusiasm for the brand, she who had already worn it during her grandfather’s investiture ceremony.

Naomi Biden: this historic wedding at the White House

The nuptials of Naomi Biden and Peter are part of the very small list of 19 weddings celebrated at the White House. The last dates back to 2013, when Peter Souza, Barack Obama’s chief photographer, was married in the rose garden. Some daughters of former heads of state have also had the chance to benefit from the presidential mansion to get married, like Jenna, the daughter of George W. Bush, in 2008, or Tricia, the daughter of Richard Nixon, in 1971. As for Naomi Biden and Peter Neal, the couple were, in a way, married at home, since the lovebirds reside on the third floor of the White House with their dog, Charlie.

Grand wedding at the White House: the Bidens married their granddaughter Naomi, wearing an incredible dress

Joe Biden © Imago

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