Some parents want to give their baby a name that sets them apart from other children. Although the original names are not to everyone’s taste, the parents always have the last word!

However, a mum has admitted to disagreeing with her mother-in-law over the name she and her husband chose for their baby girl, accusing her of ‘causing her so much grief’ as she does not approve of their decision.

A love for grammar

It was online on a Facebook message shared on a Reddit forum, that the anonymous mother recounted the dispute with her mother-in-law around her daughter’s first name. “My mother-in-law pains me so much because of the choice of the first name of our baby,” she wrote. “Please be honest about this,” she demanded. Indicating that she and her husband “adored grammar and literature”, she revealed the very original first name of their daughter: Alphabeta Silver.

The interference of a mother-in-law

“We have chosen this first name and plan to call her Betty as a nickname. We immediately agreed on this one upon hearing it and my mother-in-law won’t choose this for us! she argued. Returning to the most significant events of her couple, the future mother pointed out that her mother-in-law had a strong tendency to interfere in their decisions. “She checked everything from our engagement photos to our wedding day. And now I say stop! she confessed.

Too unique a name

However, in the comments, the other members of the forum tried to get the young mother to consider a different first name for her child, this one being too particular. “You don’t have much imagination to name your child Alphabet when you love grammar and literature so much! a first person shouted. “I’m not the only one old enough to remember the Alpha Beta grocery store from the 80s am I? asked a man. Others were simply confused by the decision of the future parents, finding this name “weird”. “Do they get a lifetime subscription to Grammarly? Are there games dedicated to grammar? Or do they collect English textbooks with which they fill their shelves? asked a person taken aback by this strange hobby.

Grammar fans, these parents choose an unexpected first name for their child


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