It is surely a sequence which will remain forever in the history of the Oscars 2021. Sunday April 25th was held in Los Angeles the 93rd ceremony of the awards ceremony, during which Chloe Zhao shone with Nomadland, while Anthony Hopkins offered the strangest end to this evening marked by his absence to receive the Oscar for best actor. However, many unexpected moments have happened, such as Youn Yuh-jung’s little flirt with Brad Pitt, but also the unlikely twerk of Glenn Close. At 74, the actress surprised guests and viewers in the middle of the blind test with a sway that no one expected.

Chambered for a song that we thought she did not know, the actress wished to recall that her age did not prevent her from having a very varied musical repertoire. “It’s ‘Da Butt’, of course I know,” replied Glenn Close. “It’s a classic from the incomparable Washington DC band ‘E.U.’ Hi all the band! I remember it very well. It was Spike Lee who asked to write this song for his amazing movie ‘School Daze’ “, she added, styling as well. everyone at the post before getting up to twerk.

And the Oscar for best performance of “Da Butt” by an eight-time nominee goes to … Glenn Close #Oscars

– The A.V. Club (@TheAVClub) April 26, 2021

A special Oscar for Glenn Close’s performance?

A sway that caused a sensation during the evening, but also on social networks, some even asking that a special Oscar be awarded to her for this completely unexpected dance, which was nominated no less than eight times in two different categories. and always left empty-handed. It must be said that when it comes to putting a little atmosphere to an evening, Glenn Close has the continuation of the ideas. So in 2019 she created the event by going to the Spirit Awards ceremony with her dog Pippy, a Havanese. “I hope you don’t take offense at Pippy’s presence here with me. It’s my date,” she had amused at the time, she who had caused a sensation that evening wearing a sparkling pink set.

Glenn Close © AMPAS via Grosby

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