Paga and Giuseppa have a nice surprise for their fans. In these end-of-year celebrations, they have indeed decided to reveal the sex of their baby and it is on Instagram that they made the happy announcement. Tuesday, December 27, 2022, the future parents shared a funny video in which they finally announce the gender of their first child. On the images, we can see that the couple distributes Yule logs to the whole family, keeping one as well. Then, all together, bite to discover the color…pink! It is therefore a little girl that Paga and Giuseppa will soon welcome. A real happiness for the young woman who peed on herself screaming with joy.

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Paga and Giuseppa soon to be parents: “We can’t wait”

“We are so excited to live this new life, this immense happiness that has no limit in our hearts. We are even happier to have been able to discover sex surrounded by all the people we love, our family, our loved ones. .we are so grateful for what life has given us since the first day we met…it was a no-brainer!” shared Paga and Giuseppa in the caption of their unusual video. For her part, the pregnant woman clarified that she was already living four months of pure happiness with her little girl in her stomach.

As a reminder, it was on October 31, 2022, Halloween night, that Paga and Giuseppa announced that they were going to become parents for the first time. “After these 3 long months… we are lucky and our hearts are filled with emotion, excitement, but above all with infinite happiness to be able to announce to you that we are waiting for the fruit of our love which today does not that the size of a small kiwi but already takes a gigantic place in our life but especially in our whole heart” they had announced.

Giuseppa pregnant: the sex of the baby revealed in a funny video with Paga

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