Nightmare at Christmas. Arguments over Christmas dinner don’t always end well. This was the case for this 39-year-old man who ended up in the emergency room after the meal on December 24 in the town of Cenon, in Gironde. He was stabbed seven times! According to information relayed by Midi Libre, it all started with a discussion around the Christmas table. The subject being the romantic choices of the companion of the man in question. It was her sister who then stabbed him seven times.

This discussion, which went wrong, ended up in the hospital. According to information from Sud Ouest, relayed by Midi Libre, the man was seriously injured. Despite the extent of his injury, his vital prognosis would no longer be engaged. Only he was prescribed 10 days of ITT. What is certain is that this family will no longer view family meals with the same eye.

Whole family taken into custody

This discussion, which turned into a horror movie, took place at night, around 2 am. It was the firefighters who rescued this man and saved his life. Several people present at this meal were arrested and placed in police custody, explains our colleagues from Midi Libre. This argument focused mainly on the romantic choices of the victim’s partner. The tone then quickly rose, quickly turning into insults. One thing leading to another, the blows started to rain down until the sister-in-law grabbed a knife to stab him in the leg. The authorities in charge of the investigation are trying to determine the source of such violence in this family.

Gironde: Christmas Eve turns to settling scores, he pays a high price

Gironde: Christmas Eve turns to settling scores, he pays a high price © Pexels

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