Juan Miranda-Jara, 24, expected to leave motherhood with his girlfriend and their baby that day. But the day didn’t quite go as he had hoped. Indeed, while the doctors were taking care of the future mother in the delivery room, the latter confided to be only 12 years old.

The problem ? In Oklahoma, where the couple is from, the age of consent is 16. The medical team then directly notified the authorities, who immediately went to the hospital. When the agents arrive on site, Juan proudly confirms to them that he is indeed the father of the unborn child, without understanding what is happening to him.

The couple’s family in agreement with the situation?

As reported by The Mirror, the young mother has, a priori, not undergone the usual medical checks during her pregnancy. This means that no professional was aware of the baby’s arrival before the day of delivery. However, the couple, who have been in a relationship since October 2020, have already posed for photos together, especially during what appears to be a baby shower. Which therefore suggests that their families fully agree with the situation. “They walked in like any other couple – delighted to deliver their newborn baby,” Police Officer Danny Bean told local media.

The baby was born without problems and in good health. Juan Miranda-Jara was arrested for first degree rape and taken into police custody. The police investigation continues, and the first hearing date for Juan to be heard in court is set for August 26.

A baby at 12 years old © © fox23

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