This is a brand new blow for the Schumacher family. While the whole family awaits good news about Michael Schumacher’s state of health, the clan is in mourning today. Indeed, on January 21, Gina Schumacher announced the death of their horse, named Digger, whom she considered her “best friend”. She has thus published several photos of her horse, by her side but also with her father. “Yesterday I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends, one of the biggest hearts and one of the best horses of my life!” she wrote.

Gina Schumacher, upset, describes how much she loved her horse. “My heart is broken to let him go, but sometimes we have to make tough decisions in order to do the right thing for our animal friends. Thank you for all the amazing times you gave our family and for every kilometer that we ran together. Free run up there.” On Instagram, his subscribers did not hesitate to send him their condolences. “So sad. My condolences! Our animal friends can play such an important role in our lives”, “My condolences. Horses and dogs have the ability to really touch our hearts”, “I’m so sorry Gina. Animals are more than just pets, they are part of the family forever”, “Thinking of you and your family in these difficult times”, can we read among the comments.

Gina Schumacher, this horse riding enthusiast

Gina Schumacher is a true horse riding enthusiast. The young woman is European Junior Champion 2015 and even gold medalist at the 2017 world championships. It is therefore with a heavy heart that Michael Schumacher’s daughter will have to continue her equestrian activities.

Gina Schumacher: Michael Schumacher's daughter in mourning, "My heart is broken"

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