Gillian Anderson (The Crown): what did her brother die of at only 30?

On September 22, 2011, Gillian Anderson’s life was turned upside down. That day, the actress had to say goodbye to her little brother, Aaron. Still devastated by the death of her younger brother, the interpreter of Margaret Thatcher in The Crown, whose fourth season will be available on Netflix on November 15, has agreed to return to this mourning in the columns of Public. “In 2011, my younger brother, Aaron, died of neurofibromatosis at the age of 30,” said Gillian Anderson, whose younger brother died after a long battle with brain cancer. He was in his doctorate, had a memory. extraordinary and swore by studies. I was proud of his career. ” If the actress was impressed by her little brother, it is partly because they were very different. “Especially since me, younger, I had difficulty concentrating. I had attention deficit disorder,” continued Gillian Anderson in the columns of Public.

“Aaron’s death taught me that life is short. That’s why I find it hard to take time. When I stop, I feel guilty. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing , she says to our colleagues. I am afraid of not finding a job. I am reaching an age where one can no longer offer me a role. Suddenly, I am in constant movement. ” At 52, Gillian Anderson does not want to ease off. Partly to pay tribute to his little brother. “Her death had a strong impact on us all, she confided already shortly after. She made me change my priorities and realize that life is short. That it is very important to follow your heart and to make the best use of the time we have left. ” At her little brother’s funeral, Gillian Anderson asked people not to send flowers but to donate to the Neurofibromatosis Network charity, a charity of which she is the sponsor.

Gillian Anderson: “Her illness brought us closer as a family”

“He just never knew a difference, she said in the columns of Us Weekly. Maybe that’s why he was very early interested in prejudices of all kinds. He cared. deeply about racial equality and fairness in general. He was working on a doctorate at Stanford when he died of a brain tumor linked to neurofibromatosis. He traveled, he DJed and break dancing. I thinks he’s led a busy life. ” In 1996, fifteen years before the death of his brother, Gillian Anderson made tender secrets about him. “Her illness has certainly affected us in a strong way and has brought us together a lot as a family”, explained the ex-actress of X-Files, who already campaigned: “These people are normal human beings and suffer from this disease which can lead to brain damage and brain difficulties. When it is not death. ” A terrible drama for Gillian Anderson, who is now enjoying life to the fullest.

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