Gilles Simon is a professional tennis player with a string of victories. This Monday, October 31, he won against Andy Murray at the Masters 1000 tournament in Paris. As usual, he was able to count on the support of Carine Lauret, with whom he has shared his life for several years. But what is she? Closer tells you more. Very little information about her is available since she has opted for discretion. It was in 2005 that his life took a new turn. So in the communication department of Bougyes, the young woman introduced her to Gilles Simon, who had just become rpofessinnel. A year and a half later, the player asked him to quit his job to follow him to tournaments all over the world. A daily life that she mentioned in the columns of the Team a few years ago. “At the beginning, I liked it a lot”, she recalled before adding: “Gilles allowed me to discover the world. Beautiful places, beautiful hotels, life without constraints, without cooking, without cleaning “. However, the dream has turned into a nightmare since the life of “wife of” is not always obvious. “In fact, little by little, Gilles uprooted me,” she confided, assuring that she had “cut ties with the people I loved”.

Sharing the life of a well-known personality is not easy and it is not Carine Lauret who will say the opposite. “I lost my personality. Even my mother introduced me by saying: ‘She’s Gilles Simon’s wife’. Sometimes my relatives called me just to ask me about Gilles,” she admitted. A very complicated situation for her, who therefore made a radical decision … that of returning to a normal life. “And it was there, in 2008, that he broke everything!”, She continued before adding that she then became the companion of a successful tennis player who, overnight, was highly publicized. “I no longer liked being the wife of. I had an overdose of my boyfriend when I no longer saw him!”, She then clarified. During her meeting with Gilles Simon, the young Carine made compromises. “I was 24 when I met him, I had enormous ambition, the desire to do lots of things but all my projects were stopped,” she recalled. If she wanted to bring it to the fore, Carine Lauret says she got lost, but it was her love for Gilles Simon that made her stay. “We love each other, we love each other, we love each other. If I’m doing all this, it’s because Gilles, I can’t live without him,” she concluded.

Gilles Simon and Carine Lauret: do they have children?

The daily life of Carine Lauret is not easy since the media coverage of her husband has bothered her a lot. However, she can count on Valentin and Timothée, her two boys, to cheer her up. “Fortunately, with the children, I always go back because I’m busy with something else. Besides, when he’s bad, I try to involve him with the children because they’re the only ones who can make us forget tennis”, she had explained in the columns of the Team. Proud of her daily life as a mom, she explained that she had gone from “wife of” to “mom of” so I am no longer the green plant waiting for her boyfriend”. If she is very close to her boys, it is also the the case of Gilles Simon who, after a victory last May, was delighted: “To have had the chance to play this type of tennis and to present myself three times in front of you, it’s great”, he said explained before adding: “I was in front of my wife, my children and it was huge. The tennis player is the pride of Carine Lauret but also of her children, always present to support him.

Gilles Simon: who is his wife Carine Lauret?

Gilles Simon © Federico Pestellini

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