Four months after the disappearance of Jean-Paul Belmondo, Gilles Lellouche is still very moved by evoking the sacred monster of cinema. Invited on the set at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, the actor revealed that the latter had surprised him by booking a hotel room next to his on the set of the film Bac Nord. With emotion, Gilles Lellouche told Laurent Delahousse: “He had asked to have the room glued to mine. He stayed all the month of August, a month, and every evening at the end of my day of filming. , I had to go see him, he was waiting for me on the terrace. He was waiting for me to have a drink with him and tell him about my day of filming. ” Very moved, the actor added: “He was reliving a day of proxy shooting. It moves me a lot to tell … He is someone who has counted a lot.”

After the death of the star at the age of 88, it is in the columns of the Parisian that Gilles Lellouche had confided to be extremely sad. “Jean-Paul Belmondo is our national hero. I grew up with him, I saw all his films, I was madly in love with him. I was very lucky to have him as a godfather in the trade. Jean-Paul was of an unnamed benevolence, “he declared. With emotion, Jean Dujardin’s friend had added: “He came to all the previews of my films and on all my shootings to have lunch with the team. He had come on the set of À bout blank, on that of La French, on that of the Grand bain … When Jean-Paul Belmondo arrived on a shoot, we saw the whole team be 12 years old again: because there are the actors, the people from the cinema … Jean-Paul Belmondo. “

Gilles Lellouche: “He encouraged us to live this profession with pleasure”

Happy to have known Jean-Paul Belmondo, the actor explained: “He was a great cinephile, who was in life, in sharing, in generosity. He encouraged us to live this profession with pleasure, not with pain. He had this permanent optimism. Jean-Paul, it was my childhood hero who had become close. To see Bébel in the cinema and to see Jean-Paul in life, for me, was to live stronger, more intensely, better. Seeing him was a rejuvenation. ” Finally, Gilles Lellouche added: “He was the embodiment of the pleasure of living. We could see his strength even in recent months. Jean-Paul was always smiling, always positive. I never heard him speak badly of anybody.”

Gilles Lellouche © France 2

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