Gigi Hadid soon to be a mother: she shares sublime first pictures of her baby bump

This is a first for Gigi Hadid. Currently pregnant with her first child, a little girl, the model has been very discreet throughout her pregnancy about this happy event, which should enter her life and that of her companion Zayn Malik soon. An intimate moment that the 25-year-old had last July estimated to be “not really something [she needs] to share, except with [her] family and [her] friends”.

“As, I am pregnant during a pandemic, my pregnancy is not the most important thing in the world”, she had then added, specifying however to her fans to have “taken a lot of pictures of [her] belly”. And some have even just been recently unveiled. On her Instagram account, Gigi Hadid has indeed posted many black and white pictures of her rounded baby bump, taken on July 26, as noted.

“Special images” for Gigi Hadid

Sublime photos worthy of a fashion magazine for the big sister of Bella Hadid, who did not fail to point out that an “angel” was currently growing in her. “Cherish this moment. Appreciate all the love and good wishes. I will never forget the creation of these special images with my friends”, she added, in the caption of this series. Pictures that Gigi Hadid will probably keep all her life, and which will allow her to remember this past pregnancy in the greatest discretion. If she had given a glimpse of her baby bump during a live Instagram, the model had so far never revealed any photos, even hiding her belly with loose clothing and specific framing. It must be said that at the beginning, she did not even think of announcing her pregnancy, but rather keeping the news for those close to her.

Gigi Hadid © Instagram

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