This is the news that no one expected! While they have been in a checkered relationship for five years, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are preparing to become parents for the first time. While the American site TMZ revealed the model’s pregnancy at the end of April, the latter should give birth in September. If she managed to hide her baby bump for a good part of her pregnancy, Bella Hadid’s big sister would be eager to give birth so that she can resume regular sports activity. As a teenager, Gigi Hadid was indeed a nationally classified rider, which has earned her many trophies.

Sunday August 9, 2020, it is on her Twitter account that the mother-to-be revealed that she misses riding a horse greatly during her pregnancy. While a fan asked her, “Have you been riding since you got pregnant? Or do you avoid this altogether?”, The model replied, “At first I did (only walking), but not anymore. I miss it !! ” Close to her fans, Gigi Hadid added: “I always hang out with them though and I bring them carrots!” Recently, she can share her passion with her companion, Zayn Malik. In 2018, the duo indeed offered a horse, named Cool. In an interview with the American magazine GQ, the singer revealed, however, that he was not very comfortable on the animal: “I looked like a total idiot the first time we had it. did it together. Gigi looked like a real professional. ”

Early on I did (only walking tho) but not anymore. Missing it !!

– Gigi Hadid (@GiGiHadid) August 9, 2020

The model takes time for her

While Gigi Hadid can’t ride a horse right now, she’s taking the time to document every detail of her pregnancy. While she has only revealed her baby bump once during a live Instagram, she promised her fans that she would share all of these last months of pregnant woman in due course. She revealed, “I took a lot of pictures of my belly and sent them to friends and family and it was really cute and exciting, I’m trying to document it well.” We can not wait to see it !

Gigi Hadid pregnant: this sporting activity that she misses a lot during her pregnancy © Instagram

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