Gigi Hadid: his brother back pedal after his anti-vax comments

Faced with the controversy, Anwar Hadid returned to his words! Sunday, December 27, 2020, it was during a question and answer session on Instagram that Gigi and Bella Hadid’s brother shocked Internet users. At first, when a fan asked him if he was going to get the vaccine, he replied: “Absolutely not.” While another subscriber asked him why he didn’t want to be vaccinated, singer’s companion Dua Lipa explained, “Either I don’t catch it or I have it and God will allow me to heal it. he wants it through antibodies rather than accessing this process in an abnormal way. Our bodies were created by God to do more than we think we can. ” If the young man of 21 years quickly deleted his answers, many Internet users were surprised that he made this speech. So one of them wrote, “He doesn’t get the flu shot? What if (God forbid) he has cancer? Aren’t you going to get help anyway? “

Monday, December 28, 2020, Anwar Hadid shared a story on Instagram that he was not a radical anti-vax and wanted to explain what he meant when he revealed to his fans that he would not be vaccinated against Covid-19. He said: “I am not anti vaccine, I think everyone needs to be careful with each vaccine by individually looking at the positive and potential negative side effects.” Just like her mother, Yolanda Hadid and her sister, Bella Hadid, the 21-year-old model suffers from Lyme disease. So, he explained, “I have been vaccinated before, but as someone with a weakened immune system, I want to continue to learn more about the many ways I can protect myself and others. I never wanted to offend anyone because of what I said and I am truly grateful to the frontline workers, the doctors and the work they did during this time. “

Anwar Hadid apologizes to his fans

Aware that he is followed by almost 4 million people on Instagram, Anwar Hadid concluded his post by adding: “My response was not meant to make sense, it was honestly just a thought, but I did can’t expect you all to know where my heart and my head are and that’s where I went wrong, I’ll be more aware! ” Fault confessed is half redressed ?

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