Gigi Hadid: Did the model have cosmetic surgery?

Since her beginnings in the fashion industry, the face of Gigi Hadid has not been the same. The 25-year-old model, would she have had cosmetic surgery? The answer is no ! In a video filmed for Vogue, the pretty blonde said makeup could change her face: “When I think back to my first red carpets when I didn’t have makeup artists, I obviously did my own makeup. Now people go back up those photos and say to themselves, ‘Oh, Gigi’s nose looks different in these photos than it is now.’ Or they’ll talk about something with my face like, ‘This has changed on Gigi.’ That’s really the power of makeup. I’ve never done anything to my face! “

In May 2020, it was during a live Instagram organized by Maybelline that Zayn Malik’s companion had already responded to rumors of cosmetic surgeries. While some Internet users publish before / after stars in order to point the finger at physical changes, Gigi Hadid had revealed: “It’s so funny the things that we see on the internet. People think for example that I am purposely drawn the eyebrows, which are very arched. If you see pictures of me baby, you will see that I have always had these eyebrows. And then people also think that I give myself injections in my face, and that it is for this reason my face is round. But I have had these cheeks since I was born. ” Not wishing to make any permanent decisions about her face, the model added: “No, for those wondering, I have never injected anything into my face. I’m very happy for all the people who do it if they are. makes you happier, more comfortable with themselves. Me, personally, that terrifies me. I like having control over things too much, what would happen if it went wrong? “

“You can do whatever you want with makeup”

In order to refine her features or highlight certain parts of her face, Gigi Hadid simply uses makeup. During this live, she explained: “For special occasions, we can sculpt our nose a little bit or do whatever we want with makeup. Makeup is such a great tool to help us feel better about ourselves. special moments, but also to accept our beautiful face just like God, our daddy and our mom did to us. “

Gigi Hadid © Zuma Press

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