Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik parents: Yolanda Hadid confides in their daughter Khai

In a relationship since 2015 with Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid gave birth to their baby girl on September 20, 2020. If Khai is the couple’s first child, she is also the first granddaughter of Yolanda Hadid, the model’s mother. Moved to have become a grandmother, it is for People that the latter confided: “The extraordinary thing about it all is that my mother died and Gigi got pregnant maybe two months later. So this shows you the cycle of life. We’ve lost someone so special in our family, and we’ve got a new little angel, so that’s been a great blessing for sure. “

Last January, it was while sharing a snapshot where she carried Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s daughter in her arms that the young grandmother wrote: “My birthday blessings … When I woke up this morning and counted all my blessings in life, this little angel was ranked number one. It’s a whole new feeling, I feel… A part of my heart that I didn’t know existed .. . “Moved, Bella Hadid’s older sister commented:” You are the best Oma! She is so lucky. We all are! ” In October 2020, it was by sharing a snapshot of the hands of her granddaughter that Yolanda Hadid had unveiled: “My heart grows with so much love and joy for this little girl, it is an angel who is sent from above … Thank you mom and dad for making me an Oma (grandmother in Dutch, editor’s note), I love every minute of it. “

A family birth

Last February, it was in Vogue magazine that Gigi Hadid had confided in the birth of her little girl. For the occasion, the pretty blonde was surrounded by her mother, her sister and her companion. Explaining that the ex-member of One Direction had caught their daughter on the flight, she revealed: “I did not even understand that she was out. I was so tired, and suddenly, I looked up and he rocked her. It was so cute (…) I had to go look deep inside myself. I knew it was going to be the worst pain of my life, but it takes the accept and end up telling yourself that things are as they are. “

Gigi Hadid and her daughter © Instagram

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