Giant vagina sculpture creates controversy in Brazil

A vagina 33 meters long and 16 meters wide sprang from a hill this Saturday, January 2, 2021. The latter, bright red and covered with resin and reinforced concrete is located in a park in Pernambuco, in the center of the Brazilian coast. Unfortunately, this work is not to everyone’s taste: supporters of President Bolsonaro do not quite agree with the sculpture, reports SudOuest.

For 11 months, Juliana Notari worked alongside some twenty engineers to create this huge vagina called “Diva”. What message did Juliana Notari want to convey? She explained in the Brazilian newspaper, Metropole: “I seek to address the reflection on gender inequality and also on the destruction of planet Earth, as an entity and as a living being. The vulva represents the birth, of where life comes, and the work built on earth is a reminder of where everyone goes after death, in nature. “

The work “Diva” sparked a wave of hatred

After the photos were posted on social media, a wave of hatred arrived. Many supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro have openly criticized the sculpture with terms: “Who do you think you are cheating on, you gauchos? Apart from the useful idiots on the left, of course”, or “How horrible! ZERO rating! She has even destroyed a beautiful piece of land! “And many others … One of the president’s relatives, Olavo de Carvalho made comments that could not be more obscene to denigrate the work. Very badly in the face of times of hate, Juliana did not know how to react, and only confided: “It comes from all sides and you do not really know how to face it”.

Note that the far-right government is waging a “cultural war” and censoring any work dealing with the period of the military dictatorship, sex education policies and the promotion of women’s rights.

Sculpture “Diva” © Capture

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