Ghislaine Maxwell: these intimate dramas that marked her family

These are many tragedies the Maxwell family experienced. Now at the heart of the Epstein case, in which she is accused of having mistreated and organized the trafficking of young women, from Manhattan to Florida between 2002 and 2005, this scandal which has been making the headlines for several months now is not the only hassle that Ghislaine Maxwell has had to go through in her life. Daughter of the press magnate Robert Maxwell, owner of the Daily Mirror and the New York Daily News, among others, and of the historian Elisabeth Maxwell, née Meynard, Ghislaine Maxwell was born within the very heart of high society, attending prestigious schools in particular , and aspiring to marry a son of good family at the height of his rank.

But the fairy tale of the Maxwell family has had its limits, and this is because of several dramas that have touched his family intimately. Starting with the death of her sister Karine, in 1957, who at the age of 3 died of leukemia. A few years later, on December 27, 1961, two days after the birth of Ghislaine Maxwell, it was her brother Michael, who at the age of 15 was the victim of a car accident. Plunged into a coma, he remained unconscious until his death in 1967, specifies Paris Match. A painful episode for the ex-companion of Jeffrey Epstein, who, as his mother reported in her memoirs, suffered from this tragedy very early on, suffering in particular from anorexia.

Ghislaine Maxwell devastated by the death of her father

If for parents the loss of two children is terrible, for Ghislaine Maxwell, the worst comes on November 5, 1991, when her father Robert is found dead floating in the sea off the island of Gran Canaria, where his yacht was. . “She pity me,” reported a member of the crew at the time. Her face puffed up with tears, she trembled all over and stammered. She kept repeating “My daddy”, looking totally lost. ” Convinced that her father was assassinated, Ghislaine Maxwell then took charge of all the administrative burdens, had her father’s body repatriated so that it could be buried in Israel. After the funeral, she chose to disappear, leaving her family in the ruin left by her father. A behavior for which she will opt several years later, when the Epstein scandal broke out, before being arrested on July 2.

First images of Netflix’s four-part documentary “Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich”, available © Backgrid UK / Bestimage

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