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Ghislaine Maxwell: orgies, Bill Clinton… His explosive statement made public

It is an explosive 418-page document. Arrested last July by the FBI, Ghislaine Maxwell is imprisoned pending trial, which should begin in nine months. Accused of having served as a tout for billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, she pleaded not guilty. Long questioned by investigators, Ghislaine Maxwell gave a long statement which was made public. “This is an important step to understand the extent of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking network and the efforts that have been made to cover it up,” said Virginia Giuffre’s lawyer, who accuses Prince Andrew. In this 418-page document, Ghislaine Maxwell makes many revelations, as reported by the Daily Mail. While she confirmed having had an intimate relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, she refused to disclose details of their sex life.

“I can not tell you what is the story of Jeffrey. I can not”, she replied in particular to investigators who asked her if her companion “had a preference for underage girls”. In her lengthy testimony, she also firmly denied participating in orgies with recruited young women, as well as taking nude photos of underage girls. According to her, these snapshots were “mainstream type magazine photos” that “could have been displayed on your parents ‘fireplace or on your grandparents’ fireplace.” Regarding the involvement of Bill Clinton in the pedophile ring of Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell is categorical. According to her, the former president of the United States “never visited the island” of the billionaire and was simply in contact with girls during a trip to Africa.

Ghislaine Maxwell: “I have never had an unwanted relationship”

“Although the image looks bizarre, President Clinton was a perfect gentleman on the trip and I saw absolutely no foul play,” one of them said in the Daily Mail columns a few months ago, when Hillary Clinton’s husband’s name hit the press. And if Ghislaine Maxwell was kind enough to mention Bill Clinton, the billionaire’s ex-companion did not want to say anything about Prince Andrew, accused of rape by several women. She notably violently attacked Virginia Giuffre, a “liar”.

“I have just testified that I have never had non-consensual sex with anyone, never, at any time, in any place, at any time, with anyone,” she continued. , on the advice of his lawyer. During a hearing, master Adam Mueller had said that the publication of such an essential document could harm his client in the face of a jury. Charged with trafficking in minors, inciting prostitution, over a period from 1994 to 1997, and having lied under oath in 2016 in the context of civil proceedings, Ghislaine Maxwell remains imprisoned until her trial. in July 2021.

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