Ghislaine Maxwell, 60, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking. A sentence she is currently serving at the FCI Tallahassee low-security prison in Florida. According to Mirror, it was under the fury of the other prisoners that the British obtained a privileged and comfortable role in the prison library. Prison officials reportedly gave him the task of distributing court forms. A job she does, in her prison uniform, during the weekdays.

The media underlines the fact that the other prisoners are not delighted to see Ghislaine Maxwell benefit from this post. “A lot of girls were surprised at how she came on board and was given such an important position,” a source told the Mirror. This same source affirms that the other girls are jealous of Ghislaine Maxwell since they have to wash the floor and be busy in the kitchen while the British is privileged. In any case, the source at the Mirror underlines the fact that Ghislaine Maxwell is gifted for this work since she would be “very intelligent”.

Ghislaine Maxwell is far from in her element

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of publisher Robert Maxwell, is experiencing a real downfall. Indeed, she and her ex, Jeffrey Epstein, were at the center of the festive life of billionaires and the greatest figures of this world. “Ghislaine’s life couldn’t be more different. No more Prada clothes and foie gras,” the insider had pointed out to the Mirror. Ghislaine Maxwell is the one who would have introduced Prince Andrew to Virginia Giuffre. It was the latter who filed a complaint against the 60-year-old woman. Ghislaine Maxwell is not expected to be released until 2037.

Ghislaine Maxwell: in prison, she gets a rewarding job

Ghislaine Maxwell © Backgrid USA


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