Revisited in 2023, the “Officewear” look seems to be the new obsession of our favorite stars. Far from being an ephemeral trend, the style is not new to the fashion world. But what is it exactly? Contraction of two English words: “office” (office) and “wear” (clothes), the term simply refers to the typical wardrobe of a conscientious businesswoman. The “Working-girl” is also a great follower of the style.

We know her strict and somewhat rigid wardrobe. Elegant and classic silhouette, impeccable cuts, straight lines, striped suit, starched white shirt and pointed toe stilettos. When the fine weather arrived, a great breath of fresh air blew on this trend and many designers revisited the concept. Today, we find unstructured and much bulkier cuts on the shelves. The materials are more feminine and the combinations more daring. Fendi, for example, played the layering card with the satin of a lace nightie on the classic of a white shirt buttoned up to the collar. During her parade on February 22, 2023, we could also see pleated skirts worn over pleated pants and trench coats that skimmed the floor.

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How to wear the “Officewear” style?

Rest assured ; to be trendy and adopt this style, there is no need to dress up and go that far. Many people have already been seduced by the trend and have paved the way. Hailey Bieber, always at the forefront, appropriated the striped suit; XXL size. Katie Holmes, no wiser, has made the oversized blazer a classic in her wardrobe. One day associated with a skirt in leather strips and rivets; the other day to a turtleneck and striped pants. The secret ? Wake up an outfit that looks wise with an original pattern, material or cut. Adopt flashy colors like Zoé Saldana. Dare to color block or monochrome like Gigi Hadid, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt or Sarah Michelle Gellar. Finally, twist the shirts for cropped-tops and like Kia Gerber, abandon the pumps for a pair of comfortable sneakers. The only thing you need to keep in mind: the officewear is moving; he goes beyond the boundaries of the office to flourish in everyday life.

Get in on the "Officewear" trend: the new celebrity obsession!

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