Geri Horner-Halliwell has been an activist for women and children for the past 25 years. Geri Halliwell has worked particularly in promoting and defending the rights of children, young people and women. For her exceptional achievements, the former Spice Girls was entitled to a prestigious distinction. Indeed, the 50-year-old star has just received an honorary doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University. With a smile on her lips, the singer of the Spice Girls did not hide her joy when she got on stage.

Geri Halliwell-Horner has become the first Spice Girl to get an honorary degree

— The Mirror (@DailyMirror) November 23, 2022

Like all university graduates, the wife of Christian Horner donned the red and black dress, and the traditional hat, on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at the Ponds Forge International Sports Center in Sheffield. Beneath the traditional college dress, the 50-year-old singer dressed in a white shirt and beige pants. To gain some height, Geri Horner opted for a pair of heels. This honor makes Geri Horner-Halliwell the first member of the Spice Girls to receive an honorary doctorate. This good news, Geri Horner-Halliwell had already announced it earlier this year, specifies the Daily Mail. Geri Halliwell is visibly happy to have graduated from Sheffield Hallam University.

Geri Halliwell: an activist on all fronts

This is an event and a moment that Geri Horner-Halliwell was surely looking forward to. “It is a great privilege to receive this honorary award from Sheffield Hallam University,” she said earlier this year. “I sincerely believe that education is a superpower, giving young people the confidence, perspective and experience to pursue their life goals and dreams,” the Spice Girls singer continued. Among other commitments, Geri Horner is also vice-president of Breast Cancer Care, inaugural ambassador of the Royal Commonwealth Society, long-time ambassador of the Prince’s Trust and Childline, specifies the Daily Mail.

Geri Halliwell: she's doing what no Spice Girls have ever done

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