Death, Gérard Depardieu does not really think about it. “Except sometimes when I fall asleep and think that I may not wake up the next day,” he says in the columns of the Sunday newspaper on February 20. This is also how he wants to leave. “It’s not so bad to die in your sleep, like Michel Galabru. Death does not worry me, life always ends horizontally”, says the legendary 73-year-old comedian. On the other hand, the suffering worries him. “What is difficult is what happens before: the suffering, the agony, the impotence of medicine”, laments the man who lost his son Guillaume to staphylococcus aureus.

Above all, Gérard Depardieu believes that he has died many times. “With everything that happened to me, the road accidents and the comas, it’s as if I had died many times. Even some drunks that I took made me die! That’s why I stopped,” he said. Already on the Quotidien set on February 15, the actor on the poster for Maigret had mentioned this relationship with death and having stopped consuming alcohol. “I hate illness. I hate agony”, proclaimed the one who said he was “tired of living, afraid of dying” but who admitted that he “cannot [se] imagine death, truly”.

Why Gérard Depardieu stopped drinking

This is no doubt also why he has drawn a line under alcohol. “I can’t drink anymore. I don’t feel like drinking,” he blurted out in front of Yann Barthès before telling him an anecdote: “The other time, I drank two gins with friends and I I was incapable, I collapsed”. As he was returning home on a scooter, Gérard Depardieu “fell into a kind of coma”. “I parked the scooter and after boom. It’s silly”, he revealed, specifying nevertheless that the next day, he was again in great shape.

Gerard Depardieu © Bruno Bebert

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