On the poster for the play A delicate situation, Gérard Darmon was invited to the program En aparté broadcast on Canal + on March 31. Thus, the actor returned to his youth and his beginnings with Jean-Pierre Bacri. Images of the two actors are then broadcast. The viewers and Gérard Darmon then attend a scene from the play Les catcheuses, in which Jean-Pierre Bacri and himself are disguised in tutu. “We had to play in front of four or five people. We met Jean-Pierre the previous year (…) It was a way of saying that we loved each other madly”, describes the actor, tears in his eyes.

Faced with these images, Gérard Darmon cannot contain his emotion: “I was very surprised that there were images of this show”. But very quickly, the actor recovers: “So we’re not going to get into pathos. You know I hate being called for obituaries and being told, what the hell am I doing? think about it. Was Jean-Pierre Bacri important in your life? Yes. Did you love him? Yes, I still love him and I think about it every day. You had Difficult relationships? Yes, too, because we stayed angry long enough, like two fools that we were him and me,” he admits.

Gérard Darmon: “And we complemented each other, one made the other laugh”

Gérard Darmon then pays a vibrant tribute to his friend. “This man was a different man, easily accessible but at the same time complex. He had the disease of intelligence, which was funny, intelligent, sensitive, he was fast and that suited us very well. And we complemented each other, one made the other laugh. A kind of twinship. In the end, I am very happy that you gave me the opportunity to talk about Jean-Pierre, “he says, his voice broken by emotion.

Gérard Darmon © Canal+

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