Geraldine Pailhas: her posture against the tide on the kissing scenes with her actor partners

If it is in the films Everything went well and Tender and Bleeding that viewers will soon be able to find Geraldine Pailhas, the original Marseille actress has, however, shot in many productions before that. During one of her interviews with Madame Figaro, it was about the film Spy (s) in question, in which she played alongside Guillaume Canet. This film by Nicolas Saada will also be broadcast this Wednesday, November 24 at 8:55 p.m. on Arte and even if it is Guillaume Canet who has the heavy task of seducing the character of Geraldine Pailhas, there is no doubt that the latter does not had no trouble winning over audiences when it hit theaters in 2009.

It was on this occasion that Géraldine Pailhas spoke to Madame Figaro, who particularly wanted to know more about her relationship with her co-stars, especially when her character had to get physically closer to them – in all cases where he was were men. Rather than advocating distance, the actress explained that she was very emotionally invested with her playing partners. “When I was younger, I thought I was in love with all the partners I kissed at ‘screen. I had a very rich love life! ” she said with a laugh at the time. Fortunately the years have passed and wisdom has accompanied talent.

Geraldine Pailhas was marked by her role in Spy (s) against Guillaume Canet

“Today, I find that it is always a touching contact, even if we are not in love”. What guarantees a certain authenticity in the game of Geraldine Pailhas, whether facing Guillaume Canet in the film Spy (s) broadcast tonight on Arte, or in the many other films in which she played. During this same interview with Madame Figaro, she had also said about her role in Spy (s) that he had marked her, and this for a particular reason. “She [Claire, her character, editor’s note] is in a candor and an abandonment that I absolutely do not know in life. And crossing this character, I realized that I was not so far away. For a long time, I was afraid of being hurt, I protected myself. Now, I have less fear of being hurt “.

Geraldine Pailhas © OLIVIER BORDE

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