She could not miss the Venice Film Festival: Georgina Rodriguez was on the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival this Thursday for the films Tar and Bardo, Falsa cronica de unas cuantas verdades. Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend appeared in a short, split black dress: a total femme fatale look. Hair tied at the top of the head, in an elegant bun, a lock on the forehead and a sparkling smile. In Italy, Georgina Rodriguez connects the looks. But there is an accessory that the young woman never separates from: her necklace.

Earlier already, she wore this golden choker-type jewel that hugs her neck, and notably matches her bracelet on her right wrist. Her dress, from the fall 2022 collection of the Genny brand, is sold for around 1000 euros.

Georgina Rodriguez’s tribute

Georgina Rodriguez is smiling after a tragedy that hit her family. The 28-year-old young woman and Cristiano Ronaldo had to deal with the disappearance of one of their twins on April 18, 2022. Since this brutal and tragic disappearance, on numerous occasions, the famous football player and his companion have not missed not an occasion to pay tribute to their baby. To salute his memory, Georgina Rodriguez had a symbol tattooed on her forearm on August 25.

A drama that had an impact even on the football fields. During a match that followed the tragedy, Cristiano Ronaldo’s supporters wanted to support them by doing a minute of silence.

Georgina Rodriguez: the darling of Cristiano Ronaldo incendiary on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival

Georgina Rodriguez © Action Press

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