When he died on December 25, 2016, George Michael left behind a colossal legacy, the fruit of more than 30 years of career. A heritage estimated at 113 million euros for which his relatives have been tearing each other for almost five years. Indeed, in his will, the former member of the group Wham had divided his money between his sisters, his father, a backing vocalist of Wham and a music producer. On the other hand, he had not bequeathed anything to his ex-companions, who had difficulty in accepting this decision. Thus, one of them, Kenny Goss, who shared the artist’s life for fifteen years, did not hesitate to sue the family of the deceased in order to claim his share of the pie. He claims he depended on George Michael’s money for a living. The latter had indeed paid him a generous monthly allowance before their separation in 2011. The former art dealer also ensures that he gave up his career to take care of the interpreter of Careless Whisper, throughout their relationship. To plead his case, Kenny Goss also insisted that George Michael was not in his mind when he drafted his will.

As reported by the Daily Mail, this Thursday, May 13, it seems that Kenny Goss has finally reached an agreement with the administrators of the legacy of George Michael. If the content of it remains confidential, according to the tabloid, Kenny Goss would have demanded monthly payments of 15,000 pounds sterling or just over 17,000 euros.

Fadi Fawaz, also deprived of an inheritance

If Kenny Goss has done everything possible to win his case, Fadi Fawaz, George Michael’s latest companion, also wants to benefit from part of the inheritance, as a source told The Mirror in June 2019: “Upon George Michael’s death, Fadi insisted that he has been a huge part of his life and deserves to receive a part of his heritage. He was surprised to learn that he did not he got nothing, he thinks it’s unfair. He seeks to challenge last wishes and is determined to get what he thinks he deserves. ” In the meantime, the professional hairdresser does not stop talking about him for his many escapades. Last December, he was notably arrested after breaking into George Michael’s house.

George Michael and Kenny Goss © GOFF INF

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