George Michael: his ex-boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz, arrested for breaking into the singer’s ex-house

December 25, 2020 will mark the fourth anniversary of the death of George Michael. In his house, it was the boyfriend of the British star, Fadi Fawaz, who had found his lifeless body and called for help. Tuesday, December 22, 2020, it is a few days before this terrible anniversary that the hairdresser of the stars broke into the house of George Michael, estimated at 5 million pounds. In front of the police, he reportedly yelled, “This is my house. George wanted me to have it.” A neighbor told The Sun: “Fadi was very moved. He managed to get through the security fence before smashing one of the windows and going inside. When the police arrived, they tried to grab him. reason, but he kept screaming that this was his home and George wanted him to have it. In the end, they dragged him outside and sent him packing, but I wonder how long will it take before he comes back. “

While not the first time he’s witnessed this scene, the neighbor added: “It must be a very difficult and lonely end of the year for Fadi with the anniversary of George’s death.” Despite the annoyance, George Michael’s ex-boyfriend left the scene after police asked him to. Police told the Mirror: “Police were called at 10:59 am on Tuesday December 22 after learning that a man was trying to enter a property. Officers came and found a man in his 40s. years inside the property. He was asked to leave and obeyed. He was not arrested. ” Expelled from his companion’s house after his death, Fadi Fawaz is said to live most of the time on the streets. According to The Sun, he would have spent several nights in a hotel before he ran out of money. Today he is said to be living on a street in a central London neighborhood.

Fadi Fawaz does not appear on the star’s will

With over 100 million albums sold during his career, George Michael had huge amounts of money. However, on the star’s will worth £ 96million, Fadi Fawaz’s name was not mentioned. A source then revealed to the Mirror: “He was surprised to learn that he had not obtained anything, he thinks it is unfair. He seeks to challenge the last wishes and is determined to obtain what he thinks he deserves. “

George Michael and Fadi Fawaz ©

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