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George Clooney: why the actor gave 14 of his friends a million dollars

It was one of her friends, Rande Gerber, the husband of ex-supermodel Cindy Crawford, who sold the wick: three years ago, George Clooney gave $ 14 million in small denominations to 14 of his friends. “I just wanted to thank friends who helped me a lot when I was broke and single, explains the actor, they helped me out, welcomed me into their home, offered a meal.” Rather than putting their names down in his will, Amal Alamuddin’s husband decided to thank them while he was alive by distributing them a million dollars. “Some people are struggling to earn a living today and it has become obvious to me,” said George Clooney in an interview with Le Point.

George Clooney: “It is one of the best memories of my life.”

The actor then arranged to meet them one evening in New York, telling them “you had better come, otherwise you will regret it!” All made the trip. “It was great to see their faces in front of the cases of tickets! What a memory! One of the most beautiful of my life,” recalls George Clooney. To thank his friends, the actor had to set up a hell of a lot of organization: he finds a place in Los Angeles “where they have giant pallets of tickets” then hires a florist’s van. He then went to his safe and loaded the money surrounded by an assistant and two security guards. The money is then put into fourteen bags. Among the fourteen friends to receive this sum is Rande Gerber. The latter initially refused the gift, not having a particular money problem. But the American director insisted: “If Rande doesn’t take this million, nobody takes it!” Finally, all the friends left with their bags full of tickets.

George Clooney © © ACE Pictures / KCS PRESS

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