George Clooney: the actor looks back on his motorcycle accident which almost cost him his life

The memory remains intact … A little over two years ago, George Clooney crashed into a car while riding a motorcycle on the set of the Catch-22 series. During an interview with AARP the Magazine, the actor agreed to come back to this traumatic event, which had taken place in Sardinia. If the latter had passed close to death, it was the reaction of the people present at the scene that shocked him the most. Indeed, their first reaction had been to take pictures of the actor on the ground. “I’m not a cynical guy, but I will always, always remember that moment because no one was rushing to call for help or come to me for help. For them, the worst time of my life was fun, “said the star, before adding,” People get killed because they take a picture of a car crash coming towards them. We live in this world where everyone is trying to make yourself fascinating or important or something. When the reality is: Put your phones down! “

After this traffic accident, George Clooney decided that he would no longer drive two-wheelers. And for good reason, he thought that he would remain paralyzed after his fall or that he would not get out of it and would not be present for his children. For ITV This Morning, the comedian said: “I was very lucky to get out of it. It officially got me off the bike after 40 years of driving, which is unfortunate.” While his wife had been greatly impacted by this accident, George Clooney had revealed that the latter had left him no choice but to stop driving motorcycles: “It was one of those conversations, we were coming back from there. ‘hospital and she said,’ It’s over. ‘ And I was kind of like, ‘Well maybe I can still get away with this’ and then my boyfriend, who was also in the accident with me, Grant Heslov, who is the other producer , said, ‘Yeah, I’m quitting.’ I could not do anything.”

“It hit hard”

For Hollywood Reporter, George Clooney had agreed to reveal what happened after his motorcycle crashed into a car. He had thus revealed: “I hit it at 112 km / hour, so it was serious. I broke my helmet in half. I lost my shoes, it hit hard. It was ugly and I was waiting for the switch to go off because I smashed his windshield with my head. I was like, ‘Okay, well, that’s my neck’. If we have nine lives, I have them all used, so I can stop the bike for a while. “

George Clooney © Action Press

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