Like all of us, many stars had to go through the experience of the first summer job. Indeed, as surprising as it is, they also began with odd jobs that were sometimes thankless. Georges Clooney, for example, sold men’s suits and shoes before becoming this world-famous actor. Other stars have also worked as a salesman, in particular rapper Kanye West who joined the American brand Gap for an observation course or Tom Cruise who was a newspaper salesman. Far from his current acting career.

Jennifer Aniston began as a waitress in a cafe in New York City. But her dream has always been to become an actress, so that’s why she played in shows and passed castings to finally land the role of Rachel Green in the series Friends. Singer Madonna also had to do odd jobs before she became the pop icon everyone knows. Indeed, the young woman had to chain jobs to meet her needs. She then became a waitress for a while before changing careers. She did well to consider her other options!

James Franco, Sharon Stone: the stars at McDonald’s

James Franco landed his first job at the famous McDonald’s franchise and has kept a very good experience. In 2015, the actor wanted to declare his love for the brand by publishing a love letter in the American magazine Washington Post. “I was hired the same day. I had a purple visor and a red polo shirt. I took control with a helmet,” he wrote. Like him, Sharon Stone also started at McDonald’s. The star managed the cashier like no one else!

George Clooney © © Image Press / KCS PRESS

George Clooney © © Image Press / KCS PRESS
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